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String of Pearls is a group of thoughtful musings by women writers who are in pursuit of emotional, physical, financial, and above all, Spiritual freedom.  The blog is the core community which also includes those who have chosen to go into business with us with Mannatech products, prayer rooms, healing ministry, counseling, and coaching.  Our belief is that Christ came to insure abundant life and we won’t stop serving until everyone we know has it!

Meet the core team of String of Pearls.

Kathy Hammond, R.N. – Kathy is possibly the most positive and affirming person you have ever met. (It would probably be pretty neck and neck with Gale who you’ll hear about next.) Kathy is not only a visionary with fantastic, creative ideas, but she also has the drive to follow through once she sets her mind to something. She was introduced to our company through a friend who believed the products contributed to saving her life. Kathy was impressed with her friends testimony and decided to sign up. That was 14 years ago. Since then Kathy has achieved the presidential level in the company and was able to stay home with her daughters and contribute substantially to their household income. When she began working with the company she was fortunate to be involved in one of their clinical research projects. Several tests were taken and twelve years later, her test results were better than when they were initially taken. Twelve years of aging and yet, according to the data, Kathy was healthier than when they were originally taken!  Kathy is extremely passionate about Mannatech, but she is more passionate about praying with women and seeing the miracles that God works.  She is a good one to contact if you need specific prayer for healing.

Gale Miller – Gale is one of the most caring and engaging people you could ever have the privilege of meeting. Her contagious love for God and others is evident from the moment you meet her. She and her husband have enjoyed raising their children in the Chattanooga area where Gale has worked as a labor and delivery nurse for many years. Even though she has lost track of the number of deliveries she has assisted with over the years she never loses track of her purpose… bringing joy to others! Even though most people were unaware of it, Gale struggled with fatigue and periodic depression for much of her life. She had tried everything she knew of to improve her physical and emotional health but had found no lasting remedy until a friend of hers, Kathy Hammond, introduced her to Mannatech products. She figured she had nothing to lose and within a short period of time she started feeling more energy and fewer emotional lows… it was transformational! Today Gale enjoys sharing hope with others by combining her love for God with her Mannatech business. What could be better than physical, mental, and spiritual health?!  As String of Pearls has grown and evolved, Gale has discovered a role as someone who hears very directly from God and is able to give clear feedback and support to women who need to break out of bondage.  After praying with Gale, women feel fully loved and in contact with a God who sets them free.

Noelle Schwantes – Noelle is a therapist in private practice and currently runs the String of Pearls blog.  She has spent the last year in a deep learning curve on business, marketing, and what the heck a blog is!  Also, over the last year she has begun to grow into a strong entrepreneur. This focus launched as an outgrowth of a Bible study she did on investments. Over the last year and a half she has enjoyed watching God move and expand the mission of String of Pearls.

 Shonna Dalusong– We are pleased to add a new member to the core ministry team of String of Pearls! Shonna is a woman passionately in love with God who makes it a point to savor His intentional pursuit of her heart.  Her favorite quote is “When one has nothing left but God, then for the first time, one becomes aware that God is enough.”

Shonna’s favorite activity is hanging out for one-on-one conversations that turn into prayer sessions, bringing gals into deeper freedom and healing.  Her journey towards freedom includes these works in progress:

  • Embracing gratitude (Shonna calls this “finding the thank yous”)
  • Learning she isn’t capable of performing perfectly
  • Learning that her rebellious heart was that of an unbeliever wearing the mask of religion
  • Learning that life isn’t black & white and gray is a beautiful color
  • Learning the power of her words to turn a life of fear into a journey by faith
  • Learning how to appropriately feel and express emotions
  • Learning to have a voice to speak and own healthy boundaries
  • Learning to please God and listen to His affirmations instead of seeking this from others
  • Learning how to be present with God, with herself and with others; trading in busy-ness and doing for presence.


Shonna has had the opportunity to embrace these lessons through seasons of infertility, homeschooling, accident, injury, chronic pain, home business, empty nest, loneliness and loss. Today she brings her amazing faith, joy, and expertise to the String of Pearls team.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You girls look like you are having fun. Have you started meetings? I missed the webinar last week but keep me posted and I would like to listen in. The day and time is yet confusing. Is it a repeat every week on Wed. at 8 pm EST?
    Would love to keep in touch and share…
    Your fellow Mannatecher…going strong and still a believer.

    • Hi Sharon! Great to hear from you! Right now the webinar is not occurring weekly. It went well though and we got some business leads through it. We don’t have the next one scheduled but can do so at any time so if you have some prospects or would like to see it let us know and we will get it on the calendar! How is your business going? Is there anything in particular that would be helpful for us to write about and support you with?

  2. As a fellow woman entrepreneur, I’m intrigued by you! Tell me more. =)

    Noelle, my husband Tim knows and works with your husband.


    • Hey Emily! What a great comment! Be still my beating heart lol. It is always great to run into a kindred spirit. I’m totally ready to spill it! What do you want to know?!? Did Tim and I go to academy together? More soon…

  3. I had the opportunity of meeting Noelle at a workshop where we were both participants. Not only was she a pleasure to do exercises with, she was inspirational and clear. A fabulous combination for life! I would trust her implicitly with my personal and professional goals.
    ~Tami J.

    • Tami, what a sweetheart you are! Thank you for the endorsement and for the passion you showed about your business and products. I look forward to seeing what you do!

  4. Today I had the true honor to be placed by God next to the beautiful, spirit-filled Kathy Hammond. It was completely a divine appointment in which two Christian women passed the time quickly with conversations of how Christ and the power of prayer worked in their lives. I am honored to be chosen to be Kathy’s seat partner. I am blessed to feel the power of her prayer as our plane landed. I am grateful and joy-filled for our moment in time. Prayer will continue to go out for you mission, your ministry, and your plight to build lives of women centered in Christ. God bless you Kathy, I am thinking of you and your precious mom.

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