A Big Hairy Deal! (Free Webinar)

Recently I have spent a great deal of time thinking about our blog and the growing amount of services we are offering.  It is a time of expansion and fun, and yes, a bit of anxiety.  The blog has evolved a great deal from when it started.  Initially it was something I felt called to do and so I would write what was on my heart each week.  Later, we learned about sweet spots and marketing, etc. so we are growing to meet more of the need we have discovered.

In order to do that we recently hired Mirania to help transfer the blog to a more sophisticated platform, we hired Emily Hammond to do our business cards and design products, we hired Amy Vitrano to do a welcome video, (You should see the results of that on the blog in a few weeks!), and this week, tomorrow night in fact, we will launch our first webinar.

All in all, this webinar is the culmination of a years worth of preparation.  It is a big hairy deal to us!  Of course, if you are not a woman entrepreneur it will likely not be a big hairy deal to you, but the bottom line is that WE ARE VERY EXCITED!

The purpose of our blog is two-fold.  Our primary purpose is to support women entrepreneurs.  Those that are just starting or those who are just considering it.  We offer posts that cover practical training opportunities, help remove emotional blocks, and connect you to the core of who you are.  This is a free service because it is a mission and a calling that beats powerfully in our hearts.  We have also recently offered bi-weekly conference calls to support that aspect of our mission. (See the side of the blog for details on the calls)

The secondary purpose of the blog is to offer a business vehicle for women who are ready to step into their identities as entrepreneurs.  But we didn’t want to just offer a business vehicle.  We wanted to offer the vehicle AND the infrastructure and support to make sure women have what they need to be successful.  I was not a wealthy individual.  At times in my life I survived on approximately $7000-8000.00 a year.  It was a super exciting week when I could afford a pizza.  I KNOW what it’s like to have the anxiety about having enough money feel like it is choking you to death.  To have it wake you up at night.

That is not my life anymore and I want to share how I did it with others. Because of being so well acquainted with that anxiety, our team has taken it slowly and carefully with a TON of prayer.  For a year, we have been quietly but steadily putting the pieces into place.  You see, we didn’t want to make an offer that was anything less than fantastic.  We wanted to make sure we were ready as a team to fully follow through on what our team needs to be successful.

So maybe now you are catching a glimpse of why this is such a big hairy deal!  Our hearts have been engaged for a year, behind the scenes, preparing for you.  And tomorrow we are ready to unveil this program!!  The webinar is free and will occur at 8pm EST on Wednesday, June 13.  Here are the details you’ll need to know.

Instructions for the webinar:

  1. Go to www.freescreensharing.com at 8pm EST on Wednesday, June 13.
  1. Call 559-546-1200 for audio
  1. When you get to the website, go to the box on the right that says, “Join a Meeting”
  1. Enter your meeting ID#, 115-608-614

We are so grateful to those of you who have faithfully followed our blog and we are excited to offer this initial launch as a thank you and support of your dreams.  Our goal is to continue growing into the services you need most.  We will look forward to seeing you on the webinar…who knows, tomorrow could change your life!

Surprise Gift On the Way!!!

Recording for our free gift!

There are many exciting things happening here at the String of Pearls blog and we wanted to give you just a taste of it. Hopefully, this will get you full of anticipation for what is around the corner!

Recently we have been booked to be guests on the radio show The Mind of the Matter. This particular show is on women entrepreneur’s and we are so excited to be able to share with a wider audience about the mission of our business.

When we booked this particular appearance, we continued some prayers that had started a few weeks ago, about wanting to offer the women who subscribe to our blog a gift of some sort. Most of you have probably noticed that websites will ask you to sign up for updates etc. and sometimes they will offer some sort of free gift. We wanted our gift to be something that would offer true value to the women on our blog and we decided the best time to launch this gift was in conjunction with the radio show.

Steve Hickman was amazing in helping me get comfortable and ready to record.
It was a gift getting to work with him

Steve Hickman was amazing in helping me get comfortable and ready to record.
It was a gift getting to work with him

There was a rub though; we had no idea what our free gift should be. In all honesty, I began to panic a bit and there’s nothing like a little panic to ruin a good idea! The day after my panic I remembered that we have dedicated this thing to God. Beyond that, He gave us the idea for the blog in the first place! I decided I would do some consulting with Him.

The first item on the agenda was to get quiet and still the panic. This was a tall order but after some journaling, talking with friends, prayer, etc. The peace came back. And a few moments after the peace came back, so did the idea.

We don’t plan to tell you exactly what it is today. That would ruin the surprise! But we will give you a few hints through the pictures and will let you know that the surprise will be available on June 7 and afterward, for those of you who subscribe to the blog. We feel God sent the idea for this, and actually, it is something my clients have been asking me to do for years, which makes it doubly exciting!

We will also post a notice and send out emails to remind you on June 7, when the radio show will air. We hope that you will send the link to all your friends and spread the word about what String of Pearls is doing!

Weekly (FREE) Conference Calls

Those of you who follow our blog know that our goal is to offer support and services to women entrepreneur’s.  (Yes, men are welcome too.)  In the last few weeks our team has begun to put together many exciting programs that we plan to launch within the next few months.  You will hear more details about those in the next weeks,  but initially, we are very excited to announce weekly conference calls for those of you in business who would like added support.

  • The calls will occur every Tuesday at 9pm EST, and Sundays at 9pm EST.
  • The Tuesday call will be directly related to business.
  • The Sunday call will be directly related to Spirituality and it’s role in our business, financial, relational, and emotional growth.
  • We will launch this program tonight, May 22 at 9pm EST.  
  • For those of you who will join us, the phone number is 424-203-8400 and your access code is 692996#. 

Our agenda will be to talk about the String of Pearls blog, how it was birthed and how it can support you in your business, we will cover a one minute business presentation, and lastly, we will talk about what you can expect from the Sunday call focused on Spirituality and connection to God.

We are super excited about this new development and hope that each of you will utilize this option.  If you are not in business feel free to participate for the sake of the learning you will gain and the support it will add to your life to have regular contact and accountability.

Also, we want to remind you that the SOP blog is where we will continue to announce and notify you of new services.  Please, if you haven’t done so already, and are interested in these updates, make sure you give us your name and email address by signing up to subscribe in the box at the top right of our blog.  We will not give your email to anyone else and signing up will insure that you get notices about each new post.  We are also working on a free gift that we will give to all our new subscribers.  (We’re very excited about this gift and look forward to having it fully prepared for you!)

We want to thank those of you who have followed us on the beginning of this journey.  We are so happy to be expanding our services and look forward to serving you better and better in the months and years to come!

Cute Aussie

We wanted to offer some good, practical support this week and so I am including  a link from a Matt Lloyd presentation (who happens to be a cute Australian!).

Matt Lloyd is a young internet marketer from Perth, Australia and we highlighted one of his video trainings several months ago.  I have been studying internet marketing for some time now with a lot of different sources and so far he is my FAVORITE.  His information is gold and he presents it in a very simple, systematic way.

On a personal note, I find his personality to be humble and professional and I could listen to his Aussie accent all day long!  If you are interested in building a business of any sort online, we offer him as a valuable resource.  (He is one of mine.)  Let us know what you think!

Matt Lloyd Training

Fishers of Women

As promised everyone, here is Kathy’s first blog!  We are so excited to have her wisdom to add and more valuable content for our blog!  Please make sure to leave her a comment and welcome her to our writing circle. :)
I discovered I was an entrepreneur after working about one month in the hospital following my graduation from college with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Was this what I had to look forward to the rest of my life?  Getting up before daylight and running the floors of the hospital, dealing with the stress of demanding doctors and sick patients and LPN’s that were not nice to me.  I can remember the exhaustion I felt at the end of my shift knowing I was going to get up and do it all over the next day.  
I longed to be in charge of my own schedule, be my own boss, and to determine my working hours.  After twelve years of nursing my big break finally came when I became pregnant and then two and a half years later pregnant again.  This was my ticket to stay home and care for our two beautiful daughters. 
When my girls were school age I began contemplating heading back to the hospital. Fortunately God rescued me and led me to my entrepreneur niche.  That was 15 years ago and I continue to enjoy the autonomy, friendships, personal and spiritual growth that it has provided.
String of Pearls is about women entrepreneurs that are connected to each other and are developing friendships while loving, supporting and empowering each other to grow.  If you are like I was, and looking for your niche, I would like to encourage you to take a look at our business team. We are “fishers of women”, which I will also refer to as “fishers of pearls”.  Pearls are very rare and valuable and not easy to find because they are frequently found on the bottom of the ocean concealed in an oyster shell.  
We are fishing for beautiful pearls that are concealed in their own unique shell and are longing to be discovered and set free.  Some of you may have hit bottom and are aching for change, more autonomy and are weary of your j.o.b. (just over broke).  Others may want to stay at home with your children while some are seeking friendship, support and the desire to do something that truly makes a difference in the lives of others. 
Regardless of your stage in life, our team would like to challenge you to break free from your shell and become the beautiful pearl you were created to be.  Join our movement of woman who are discovering who they are, what they want and are committed to make it happen. 
As we take this journey together our mission is to teach and mentor women to become physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy, to be fulfilled and prosperous in every area of their life, living a balanced, joyful life and to create a “String of Pearls” that extends around the world.
In the coming weeks we will be launching a more formal offer for those of you who have been reading our blog and are interested in this opportunity.  Stay tuned!  We are looking forward to sharing with you!
Kathy Hammond

Contest with $2800.00 Prize! Deadline Approaching!

I wonder how many of you have had an interest in business and wondered how to get more knowledge without paying 40K for a MBA?  The String of Pearls team is bringing you a contest for one of you to get just that.  This is a very recent decision on our part and so the deadline is tight!  We hope that you will tell friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, etc. about this opportunity.  But first a few details…

The String of Pearls team is offering 1 slot for participation in Peak Potentials Guerilla Business School in Los Angeles, CA April 23-27.  This program is normally $2500.00 and it will include $300.00 toward your flight.  That brings the value up to almost $3000.00!
So what is Guerilla Business School?  This exciting and powerful program is designed to teach you guerilla business strategies for high speed success.  Whereas most people go into business to make a living, your business will be designed to create wealth and a lifetime of passive income.  All of us on the String of Pearls team have participated in Peak Potentials training with powerful results and are extremely excited to bring this opportunity to you!
Here are some things you will learn:
  • How to generate million dollar ideas every 60 seconds
  • How to make or save a fortune using negotiation tactics
  • How to start any business or division with little or no money down
  • Become a marketing genius in 6 hours flat
  • How to raise up to $10,000 to 1/2 million dollars without asking anyone to finance anything
  • How to get the best people working for you for half of what they would normally charge and be thrilled about it.
  • Win-Win sales strategies that work in the real world
  • How to set up your business for massive passive income or sell it for millions if you choose to
  • And much more!
How do you know if you qualify for this contest?  We have very loose criteria!  If you are interested in it, we want to hear from you.  Any of the following are options:
  • You have a network marketing business and you want to raise your effectiveness
  • You have no idea if you want to own your own business but you are sick of your 9-5 job.
  • You love to learn and would like to hang out with Noelle for a week
  • You feel God whispering in your ear when you read this blog
  • Other
How to Qualify:  We ask you to do some very simple steps.
  • Notice the subscription box to the right of this post.  Sign up and give us your name and email.
  • Write a page to a page and a half about what appeals to you about this training and why you want to go.  Tell us about yourself and how you found out about the contest.  (Yes, we want to hear from you about each of those questions, if you don’t answer all of them you will not qualify for the prize.)
  • Submit your application to Noelle at noelle1333@gmail.com.  Put “GBS Contest” in the subject line.
Deadline for submitting is Sunday, April 15.  We will notify the prize winner by Monday the 16th.  This will give you one week to get ready to go!
Please note that you will be responsible for food and lodging while at GBS.  Airfare and the tuition cost will be paid for by the String of Pearls team.  Also, the schedule for these programs is rigorous.  Be prepared to put in long days that will stretch you intellectually and emotionally.

The Woman Behind “Four Praise Songs!”

My most popular post thus far is called “Four Praise Songs” and in it I talk about how I finally got an idea for working out that is actually working for me.  The friend I got this from is Mary Thompson.  This week’s blog will highlight a business Mary has developed (one of many) and for any of you who need some help with designing your home, this might also be a good opportunity.  But first I just want to tell you about my friend.

Mary is a single mother of four amazing, although challenging young adults. (I should know, I used to babysit them.)  In the picture she looks calm and professional but the Mary I know dances to praise music in her kitchen (she used to be a professional dancer), she usually has paint splattered somewhere on her person, her house is usually a wreck (but so full of life and love), and she is one of the few women I have ever met who is able to flirt like a crazy person and have it remain completely harmless and boundaried.

Mary and I met about 13 years ago when I visited a 12-step meeting.  Mary was leading that night and telling her story.  I remember being amazed by her and captivated by the atmosphere in the room as she shared about her life.  There was a passion and strength about Mary that stayed with me.  But I didn’t go back to the meeting.  I was struggling in a painful marriage at the time and I wasn’t sure this meeting was what I needed.  Flash forward a year and I was in enough pain that I came back.  I didn’t care if it was where “I fit”, I needed a place to talk, to have it remain confidential, and where I wouldn’t be judged.  (It would be nice if all our churches were this way, huh?  But I digress…) I felt like I cried in that meeting every week for about a year.  Mary was in that meeting regularly and her shares were a sort of lifeline for me.  She had been through similar circumstances and was alive and vibrant.

Eventually I worked up my nerve to ask her to sponsor me and thus began our more structured relationship.  Because she was my sponsor she got to know me REALLY well.  Over the years Mary has walked with me through everything…my divorce, moves, and getting accepted to grad school at Vanderbilt. (We screamed like 7th grade cheerleaders when I got my acceptance letter).  We did Bible study together, prayed together, sometimes yelled at each other, and eventually I was able to walk with her through a time of horrific pain in her own life.  Our bond is now that of sisters.

You may have picked up that I think a lot of this amazing woman.  I actually think this is the hardest blog I’ve written so far because I so much want to do justice to who she is and what our relationship has meant to me.  I remember coming to visit her in Nashville after I moved away.  I had not had any sleep the night before and I remember feeling completely lost because I so wanted to talk and spend time together and I could hardly see straight.  I was afraid that she would be angry because I was too tired to really spend time together.  She didn’t get angry, she just put me to bed…in her bed.  She has been absolutely and unconditionally loving to me.  Calling me on it when I was being an idiot but never ever faltering in her love for me.  I have absolutely no idea how I got so blessed because when we met I was an absolute mess.  She taught me God’s grace and up until the time I finally got it, she was quite fond of telling me I had no idea what it looked like.

Mary had been a stay at home mom most of her married life and at times bartered her design skills for things her family needed.  After her divorce she had a family member tell her she was going to have to get a job at Walmart.  She didn’t feel this was God’s calling for her and over the last few years I have seen her continually grow as an entrepreneur.  She has many businesses, but for the purposes of this blog we’ll focus on her design business.  Mary calls herself a design coach because rather than foisting her own design signature on people she finds out what works for them and helps them put it together.  Please check out her blog at www.mydesigncoach.com.  Mary has agreed to offer an internet special for anyone who contacts her as a result of this blog.

Mary knows that one of the main reasons people struggle with decorating is because they don’t always know what they like.  This is the area Mary shines!  For the purposes of this blog, Mary has put together a deal that will allow you to define your style.  This offer is for a phone consult with 3 follow up emails for $89.00.  Please contact her through her website or at mydesigncoach@gmail.com.  If you live in the Nashville area and have a design project she is available for consult as well.

Define Your Style!
Phone Consult
3 Follow Up Emails


Dream Trips & Chocolate!

I decided that I wanted to add a section to the blog on business options/opportunities. (Yes, I do also have ulterior motives for this particular post.  Let me explain!)  From time to time I plan to invite women who are working their own businesses to guest blog (there are a few in the works right now) or I will highlight options that you might be interested in.

Today I wanted to talk about a company called Dream Trips.  It is a direct sales company (many of you may know it as network marketing.)  I tend to think that these types of companies have gotten a bad reputation because too many people have tried to make it sound like it’s easy money that you don’t really have to put any effort into.  My experience is that these companies can be great opportunities if you are passionate and interested in the topic and ready to put in some time building it up; just like any other endeavor.

Years ago I had a dear friend who was making a lot of money in a scrap-booking business.  She LOVED scrap-booking and was always encouraging me to join.  I hate taking pictures and rarely open a photo album.  Not a good business opportunity for me!  You get the idea?  If you are passionate about the product or service it is not sales.  You just naturally find yourself telling people about this great product, service, etc. The difference with direct sales is that with these businesses, if you put the time in, you are going to have an unlimited source of income.  This is unlike your 9-5 job that is dependent on the companies budget and your boss’s idea of your value to the company.  If you are valuable you will likely get a 3% raise.

Given the income potential (Yes, I have actually made money from these type’s of businesses) and my passionate desire to chart my own course, I find myself a fan of this type of business.  You will likely hear about a few of them from me. Having said that, I will say that Dream Trips is a company Marcel and I signed on with.  We have more than one set of friends who absolutely rave about the trips. (All inclusive, four & five star hotels, all over the world, safari’s, cruises, etc.)  We signed up quite awhile ago and like typical Type A’s, we haven’t actually gone on a trip yet.

After signing on we promptly forgot about it.  I don’t mean we actually forgot about it, but we got busy with other things and it got buried under a different pile of projects.  The really ridiculous thing is that if we tell four friends who decide they’d like to join there is no monthly fee.  I would really like to stay in until we actually take advantage of one of these wonderful trips.  So, if you like to travel and you like to travel in style for really cheap, here is the link.


When you get to the website click the number two on the left side of the screen to see a short video (15-20 minutes) for details about the company.  You can sign-up on the spot if you wish.  To the first four people who sign up, we would like to send you a 1 lb. box of your favorite chocolates.  (Yes, the good stuff, Godiva, See’s, etc.)

When signing up please make sure to post on the blog and we will respond to obtain information on your favorite chocolate after we’ve confirmed your registration with the company.  After that, we might be off to Aruba together!  Also, any of you who have experience with the trips from this company, please feel free to post comments about your experience!

Thanks for your time everyone, we’ll see you next week!