Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission Statement 

String of Pearls is a program whose mission is to empower women through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to grow into Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Financial freedom.

Vision Statement

The vision for String of Pearls is to help women experience the love of Christ and how it binds us together in precious strands.  Jewels of great value.  In that strand, we intimately know our value.  We are healed and free to love and serve fully with exuberance, joy, and abundance.

Core Values

1) Spirituality – Loving God and loving others

2) Wisdom – Knowing and listening to the voice of God

3) Integrity/Excellence – Living in integrity and placing a high priority on excellence in all we do

4) Stewardship – Giving back financially to our communities and world as well as emotionally to the people we serve and walk with.

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