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Angela McPherson – Angela McPherson is 27 years old and still learning how much Jesus loves her.  She has a degree in writing and editing and used to be the pastor of a church.  She met Jesus at 19, but has spiritual amnesia and sometimes forgets all the lessons God has taught her–until He reminds her again.

She throws herself toward growth and loving like Jesus loves–and lately that means learning to love herself. She gets really excited about life in general, loves multisyllabic words and has a deep yearning to know everybody’s story. She likes lavender italian soda and avocado egg rolls. She doesn’t like exercising or learning to manage her finances but she does both anyway.

Jeanette Comulada, MBA – Jeannette’s passion to help others achieve financial freedom came from her own humble beginnings. Jeannette was born in Lima Peru and moved to the US when she was twelve years old. She saw first hand how much her parents sacrificed to make for a better life for her and her sisters in the US.  Although faced with financial challenges, Jeannette  was able to attain a degree in Architecture while holding a job and living 3000 miles away from her family. After graduating, she worked for a design firm.  During this period, she developed a special interest in finance and after three years, returned to school to pursue an MBA.  All the while, Jeannette maintained her full time job and a part time job to make ends meet. This taught her commitment and follow through.

After attaining her graduate degree, she was able to find a job that  combined both architectural and financial skills as General Manager for a real estate company that manages commercial properties in the West LA area. Although a very good position, she still felt there was a different calling in her life. The calling was brought to painful clarity as she oversaw her parent’s financial accounts. She sadly realized that the financial planner that had been hired to help them had only been interested in her own financial gain rather than the people she was serving. This called for action and she soon began the process of educating herself in the realm of financial planning in order to help those closest to her. Once in the field, she came to the realization that most people needed awareness in this area–particularly women. Her passion rose even more as she started meeting with families of all walks of life, and how they seemed to plan everything else in their lives rather than their financial goals and future.  Her mission is to help others unlock their financial potential through planning, giving, and committing to a plan. After all, we cannot be stewards of much if we cannot be trusted with little.   She and her husband Scott have been married for four years and live in Marina Del Rey, California. Her husband, a strong supporter of her vision is Assistant Professor at UCLA.

Noelle Schwantes, LPC-MHSP, NCC – Noelle began the blog when she had been whining to God about not being at a place to live in her calling.  Almost 15 years ago, she felt Him whisper to her that she was to be a writer and a speaker.  When she was discussing this with God He reminded her that she didn’t ever write!  That was enough of a hint for her and the blog was born.  Since it began, God has led in a powerful way in shifting and refining the focus of the blog.  The mission of the blog came, in part, from her work as a therapist and seeing the different areas women were held in bondage.  The other part of the topic came from her own Spiritual journey toward freedom.  She has a strong passion to walk alongside women as they seek God, and in finding Him, find freedom and abundance in every area of their lives.  She lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband Marcel who is a life coach and has a passion for teaching men how to be “real husbands.”  She’s thrilled to be married to a man who, she believes, has this art down to a science.  They are expecting their first child this year but have assured their dog Simon that he will still be their first born.


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