What’s On Your Mind?

This is the page where we will take your secrets, longings, agony, joy, and random thoughts and return personalized prayers on your behalf.  They will be published and other women in our blogging community will be encouraged to add their prayers to ours.  Feel free to use this page to let us know how things are going, how God is working, and any updates or comments you would like to add.

5 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. My husband lost his job a few weeks ago. Right now I have a job, but it is not enough to live off. I am very worried about the future and I am having a hard time just trusting God to provide.

    • Right now we are praising God! My husband has found a job! The job starts next week, and we are very happy about that. This definitely is an answer to prayer and is creating less stress in our lives now.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for leaving your prayer request. Our team will have it covered in prayer and will be praying specifically that you will have peace while you learn to trust God at a deeper level. He promised that all our needs will be provided for. Quote that back to Him, tell Him you’re trusting Him not to let you down and watch what happens. Keep us posted! (P.S. It also helps to have ice cream and good friends available for those emotional moments of freaking out!)

  3. P.S. Is your husband looking for any job in particular? You never know who might have a hook-up if they know what his interest/expertise is…

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